At the end of nine years of continues education, every child would have acquired appropriate and relevant skills and values and is employable and can contribute usefully to the development of the state and to themselves. 


To provide free, compulsory and universal basic education to all children of school age in the state regardless of sex, ethnic or religious background.

Our Service

Providing Quality Basic Education For Residents of Adamawa State

Our Aim

Ensuring an uninterrupted access to 9-year formal education by providing standard basic education for every child

Our Objectives

Acquisition of literacy, numeracy, life skills and values for lifelong education and useful living and reducing school drop-out and improving relevance, quality and efficiency.

What We Provide

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is the education given to young learners before the age of entering primary education (6 years). 

Primary Education

UBEB intends to enhance the success of the first nine years of schooling This involves six years of Primary School.

Junior Secondary Education

Junior Secondary is a phase of education i for three years which helps to ensure the transfer from primary to secondary is strong and consistent for all.

What we are offering to Our Students

Adamawa State Universal Basic Education Board (ADSUBEB) aims at providing standard education at basic level with the following amenities  

Providing standard classrooms to give students positive learning environment.

Dr. Salihi Ateequ

Providing students with good infrastructure such as libraries and basic amenities.

Dr. Salihi Ateequ

Hiring qualified staffs that are able to offer a variety of different techniques and methods for student to learn

Dr. Salihi Ateequ

Grading students accurately and ensuring their results are precise.

Dr. Salihi Ateequ